Friday, February 4, 2011

Stones at Summer Mission

I recently went on a beach mission where we served a small beach community on the Sunshine Coast for two weeks. During that time we set up a marquee in the park where we gave out free pancakes, sausages and icey poles throughout the day. We also did free face painting and bracelet making.

We came up with the idea of a graffiti table this year where people could come and sign their name. I put out some Seed Stones on the table and as people visited our tent they could have a look. We gave many away to people of all ages. One little girl got one and it fully blew me away the way she was looking at it like a treasure. This was really inspiring! M.C

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Seed Stones in Enhance Magazine!

Check out the Seed Stones article published in the Summer 2010 - 2011 issue of Enhance Magazine! The magazine is available from Word Bookstore, Koorong, Metro Church Gold Coast or subscribe online at


Seed Stone Workshops Coming Soon!

I'm hoping to start up workshops in 2011 on the Gold Coast which involve learning how to paint Seed Stones and learning more about the idea behind them! Just working on a venue. Stay tuned for more details! M.C

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Stone Encourages New Christian

A lady was walking down the main street in Christchurch and saw one of the stones on the footpath. She picked it up and thought it was lovley and was about to put it in her bag, when she felt God say it wasn't for her. So a little reluctanly she placed it back on the street.

A few days later she went to visit a friend who just become a Christian. There on this person's coffee table she say the exact stone. Her friend told her excitedly how she had found it on Colombo Street and how God has used it to let her know how much he loved her. She said she felt it was direct message from God to her.


Stone Restores Faith After Son's Death

An elderly couple had been devestated by their son's death. They had a cleaning lady who was a Christian, but each time she tried to share about God with them they didn't want to know because of their pain.

One day the man was talking along the railway line and found a stone, the words on it were, "Is there any hope for life after death?" As he readthe words, he felt God was trying to speak to him. He took it home and when the cleaner came the next time, he got it out to show her and told her that both he and his wife believed God was trying to say something to them. They wanted the cleaner to tell them more about God.


Seed Stones in the Workplace

One man who works for a newspaper puts Seed Stones on his desk and changes them from time to time. He says most days the stones have been read as they have been turned over. Every now and then he has the opportunity to give one away.


Wife has Prayer Answered

A wife was really burdened for her unsaved husband, who was a salesman. So when he left for work this particular day she prayed, 'God get someone to talk to him about You today."

The salesman arrived at my sister's door who also paints Seed Stones. She had a houseful of people at the time. Not a good time, but she listened to his sales talk and then felt led to ask him if he attended church. He said he didn;t, but his wife did. My sister shared with him his need to make time for God and to get right with Him. Just as he was about to go, she felt prompted to give him a stone as a gift.

When he got home that night he said to his wife, "You'll never guess what I got given today." and he pulled out the stone to show her and told her what happened.

The wife was overjoyed because she knew that God had directly answered her prayers - the stone was tangible proof. Her husband may not have said anything to her about the conversation, but the stone was a visible sign of their talk, and God's answer to prayer.


Stones Appeal to Anyone

I placed a stone in the carpark before going into the mall to do my grocery shopping. When I came out I noticed this very well dressed business man in front of me, he walked past the stone but must have noticed it and came back to pick it up. He looked at it, read both sides and popped it in his pocket. It showed me that Seed Stones have an appeal for all kinds of people.


Family Touched By Stones

A non-churched family of four decided to go to Bottle Lake Forst one afternoon. The two boys and their father were keen to go on a bike ride through the forest but their mother decided she'd rather go for a stroll down the beach.

The boys and their father set off on their bike ride. A while after departing they stopped for a rest. They sat in the middle of the forest and one of the boys spotted a lovely painted stone just beside the bike track. He showed his brother and dad. They thought it was great so the father placed the stone in his pocket and they set off on the rest of their ride.

Later on in the day, once they returned home, the boys remembered about the stone they'd found. Their father got it out of his pocket to show their mother, but while doing so she interrupted them saying that while she was walking down the beach she'd also found a stone! They compared the stones, and even though they had different pictures, the stones had the exact same verse. The mother and father discussed this and thought maybe God was trying to tell them something so they decided on going to church the next Sunday.

M.C & W.E

I found a Stone!

I'd just gotten back from a really good Christian camp over Easter in Christchurch called Eastercamp. I was feeling a bit low coming back into reality as I could really feel God's presence at the camp.

About three days after I returned from the camp, I was at the hospital for a Physio appointment and was sitting in the waiting area. I looked down beside me and sitting on the table was a stone which I had painted! It was the orange "Facing your Fears" one with the spider on it. I was amazed as I had painted it then sold it back to Wendy, who had sold it to a Christian Bookshop, the Christian Bookshop sold it to a customer and the customer had given it to one of the Physios at the hospital. Then I had found it.

It was a real encouragement as God was saying to me "I'm still here even in reality.. not just at your camp. Remember that..."


Non-Christian Grandmother Requests Stones for Friends

One time I was over at my grandparents and my Nana was having a bad day. She had been very sick for years and it was getting her a bit down on this particular day. I had just started painting these stones so I chose a "Feeling Blue?..." stone and placed it under her pillow for her to find when she went to bed that night.

She found it that night and it was a real treasure to her. She asked for more over time to display on her ornament cabinet and also asked for stones to give as gifts for friends at Bowls. One old lady with cancer kept the stone on her walker until she passed away.

It was extra amazing as my Nana is not a Christian and she was sharing God's word by just having those stones displayed at her house and also sharing God with her friends by giving them stones as gifts.. so you never know :)


Life Restored

A lady had been really ill. She had nearly lost the will to go on living and life seemed purposeless and void of meaning. Her faith was at a very low point. She was not well physically and had lost lots of weight.

One day this lady was walking near the hospital and spied a stone in the gutter. She picked it up and the words on it were just like God speaking to her. "Victory is born out of struggle..." Her attitude changed, her faith began to come bck and bit by bit her health became restored.

Finding the stone had been a pivotal point in this lady's life turning her
around and changing her mental and physical condition. Today she is strong and well physically and spiritually.


Stones say what's hard for us to say to a Stranger

When we first started putting stones on the streets, my daughter and I went into town and placed a stone outside a shop. As we got into the car we noticed an elderly, unkempt man who was hunched over looking at the ground as he walked along. He looked the picture of dejection. However, when he noticed the stone, his hand darted down and picked it up and he put it quickly into his pocket, as though he had found a real treasure.

I knew the stone had the words on it that said, "Feel like no on cares?" and on the back "Give all your worries to Me for I care for you." - Jesus (1 Peter 5:7).

In the instant I realised that I could not have gone up and said that to the man, but the stone could! He would keep the stone and it would be a constant reminder of the truth.


Popular Stones

Coming soon.........

Who can Seed Stones be given to?

  • Sick
  • Grieving
  • Lonely
  • Depressed
  • Worried
  • Lost
  • Hopeless
  • Searching
  • Struggling
  • Not-yet Christians
  • Workmates
  • New Christians
  • Family members
  • Friends
  • Strangers
  • Homeless
  • Those to be inspired
  • Those to be motivated
  • Increase faith
  • Times of trouble
  • Searching for purpose
  • Searching for direction

What are Seed Stones?

Stones say what's hard for us to say.

Seed Stones can be given directly to someone in need, someone close to you, a new friend or a stranger.

Seed Stones can be placed in different places around the city (on park benches, at the beach, bus stops etc) They are available for anyone to pick up to read, to keep or to leave for someone else to find.

Many people have been impacted by the messages and scripture that they read on these stones.

The Very Beginning

When Wendy (W.E) and her prayer partner were praying one day they asked God how they could share about Him with many more people without being too 'in-your-face' about it. God gave them the idea of painting pictures and writing messages on stones, and then placing them around cities.

They soon realised thsi was a fantastic way to share God's truth with people. Some people just read them and leave them, others pick them up and keep them, some don't even see them.

However, it gives people a choice, they are not pressured. The stones disappear quite quickly and we pray God will use them as 'seeds' in people's lives.